Anxiety: A Noxious Disease To Peace of Mind.

Coping-With-Anxiety-and-Depression-722x406Actually the thing is people never start anything really to stop  it
Yes! They do know your fears but the best thing about it  is they don’t really prove it to you right every time, you yourself always misunderstand them and denigrate them for their good deeds
Yes! Again they know you fear losing people but they never leave you at the stage instead they supersede your fear tacitly and try to make you smile every time
They never leave you when you need them
The fact is people sometimes never know the value of thing unless and until they lose it to some misery or sometimes their own selfish nature
And you should feel and see it selflessly
You are throwing them distant
You can’t see how people are assigning priorities to other people and you fail to accept the fact that you r not the one on the summit of their priorities
You fail to see why you are not on the zenith position of their mind, because you think the only people important in life is YOU
You can’t see people have works to do other than giving 100% attention to you due to which their replies get shorter with time and eventually no replies
And no matter how many times it has happened in the past it would still hurt the same because of your ONLY ME kind of nature
Really they don’t do anything else you yourself add up to your anxieties and increase  your fear of people
And this is how you yourself become self conscious about every step you take at the starting of every relationship you have with anyone rather than enjoying it and letting it evolve
You become constantly afraid that this person will leave you like everyone else too
At every step, you are just trying to make a great deal out of every thing and forget that the person which used to love you most himself have a heart which you fail to care for, abandoning her after getting new friends, new crush, you also fail to see the other side of any relation whether or not the person we r loving loves you back or not?
You fail to foresee the dominating nature of ours,
You fails to see the effects that will cause because of our nature.
At last you fail to see that you have sullied yourself and your image in eyes of others.

Think and Act: Overcoming Depression

12Mid 2017 had been a rough phase of my life as i was facing  with depression problems. Those days i was living in Nagpur and was pursuing my graduation. First 2 years i lived with my elder brother, we were living in same room so their was no problem having him as i shared every problem with him and as a elder brother he was always their helping me out. But soon he completed his graduation and left for Mumbai. I had always been an extrovert. And being an extrovert i never thought that their might come a day were i will have to live on by myself i.e without any company of my own like my brother. So soon the phase started.

I never thought that will affect me so much as i started losing control on myself. I started getting angry on minor mistakes of my own. From the day start to the end i remained in frustration. Things got worse when that stared affecting my grades and it became more worse as those were the days when campus recruitment were going to start. I wanted to sort and figure out ways to overcome that and supersede happiness but was unable to concentrate. I stared picking up fights with friends who were going to help me overcome that. I was devastated and all alone.

I was reading a magazine once in which i encountered a line and i quote ,”The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your powers” those were the line which gave me a boost overcome my depression. I made a firm decision with self  that what-so-ever happens i have to surpass this. With this i started making short terms goals which contained mainly of  things like Meditating (which helped me a lot), Yoga, eating a healthy diet, spending an hour with friends and so on. In short it can be said that MAKING SELF BUSY in physical activities was my main motive so that all the negative thoughts will degrade slowly to pave a way for happiness and prosperity. I started to see positive side in every negative situations and problems. This helped me get to see a different perspective in every problem. I was regaining my titivating appearance. While i was recovering by myself i helped the one who were facing the same problem as i was facing with the depression as i knew how physically and mentally it damaged the body and made one pessimist within.

So, This was all that i wanted to share to show that what so ever problem you face in your life, always try to see the positive side and the effects of what you think to overcome the problems as it might be a motivation for the one who see you as a inspiration to overcome theirs.

Goal: Setting a Prudent forethought


Let me tell you my story…

As a toddler like everyone my dream of becoming something when i group up changed like an absconding cloud in sky. My parents too were not having any idea as to what should be done with my future as my family was facing tough times. So as i grew up i went for higher studies. I was guided by my elder brother not having any idea about what, why and how i’m going to do with my higher studies. Before that i have changed my dream from becoming a navy officer to businessman and then again to join NDA (National Defense Academy). I was just a guy squandering time. I was crazy to join defense and the reason is as before ‘Unknown’. This was the time i made a terrible mistake of preparing for NDA exam more than preparing for semesters exam. I got a total of 6 backlogs in three semesters ruining my academic record. And this was the time i came to know ,’what so ever happens never keep GOAL’s left undecided’. I faced the toughest time in my life but it eventually made me tougher then i ever was. I learned the best thing out of this experience that…

Always plan everything what you’re going to do whether it is related to carrier, itinerary or planning a schedule for examination studies. Because a wise man once said ,”TIME IS MONEY, USE IT BENIGNLY

The more you keep you’re decision tortuous with your conscious the more you’ll get thrown away from success.